Watching the Whales in Sydney Is Always Fun

Every year in Sydney, people take up whale watching activities between May and November. However, some times are better than others to catch sight of these large marine animals. Therefore, before you go on a charter to watch the whales, it is helpful to know about the best times for seeing the whales and where you should look.

When the Migration Takes Place

Whilst the whole whale migration takes place from May to November, whale watching in Sydney is more successful at the end of June and the beginning of July. This is the time of the winter solstice, and therefore falls in line with the migration pattern of the animals.

Whilst the animals swim past just about any time of the day, you can see them more frequently in the morning. Sometimes their spout is lit by the sun, which makes them easier to view, especially when the sun sits high in the sky. That’s because you don’t experience as much glare, which naturally helps with viewing.

Journeying to Queensland

During the months of May, June, and July, the whales are coming from Antarctica – headed toward warmer spots in Queensland. By August, they are inhabiting their breeding grounds in Queensland. By the time September rolls around again, the whales are returning to Antarctica. When they are going south, they tend to stay farther from shore than when they are migrating north. The eastern current in the waters helps them move over the waters faster when they return to southern waters.

However, that does not mean that some of the whales do not come close to shore. Both bubs and mums feel safer near the shore, especially if they want to avoid predators who use the eastern current to speed up travel.

How to Spot a Whale

When you go whale watching, look for a whale’s vertical spray or spout. It often is silhouetted against the skies or waters. You can also note their presence if you see a big splash of water. Some days, you won’t see any disturbances in the waters. When this occurs, any movement probably is a whale. Whilst it is hard to detect a whale on a windy day, they can be easily spotted if the waters are calm and the tides seem to be resting.

Where to View the Whales

You can easily see whales from high places or up-close from a charter. Just make sure you are equipped for the adventure. Bring a blanket to keep warm, and water to stay hydrated. Wear comfortable water-resistant clothing and practice patience. Take some binoculars if you want to obtain a closer look.

Book a Charter Now and Plan Some Whale Watching Soon

By following the above tips, you can better understand whale behaviour and enjoy a whale watching journey more. Book a whale watching charter and also take a look at the animals from a high spot such as a cliff. Whilst you can see whales silhouetted at a farther distance, you can really get a good view from a boat.

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