Tips On How To Make Your Trip With Your Dog Fun And Safe

Are you thinking about taking your dog with you on your next trip? Here are some of the ways to make sure that this is both a safe and fun option for you and your pet. There are a variety of possibilities to consider here.

Know The Basics

You do need to make sure that your dog is aware and will obey the basic commands. This includes sit, wait and stay. All these will be essential if you are planning on letting your dog roam free without their lead. This is a possible option in some places and as such should be considered. It provides dogs with a chance to get a great deal more exercise as well as exciting options for play too. These commands should be taught to your dog at an early age but contrary to belief, older dogs can learn these commands too.

Set Up Your Car The Right Way

You should make sure that you are setting up your car for this trip. There are a few things you’ll need including a supply of both food and water. Make sure that there are bowls for your pet to eat and drink out of too, particularly when you stop at all the different places on your journey. It’s crucial that you ensure that you don’t let your dog get dehydrated on a trip like this. That can be an issue if they are not getting the right level of food and water. For a fun and safe trip be sure to look at companies like Barking Heads for the best dog food.

You also need to make sure that you have a mesh divider. This guarantees that in the event of an accident a dog will hit the divider rather than the back of your seat, or worse the windscreen. This can be catastrophic for both you, the pet and anyone else in the car.

In some cases, a crate might also be a suitable option too. 

Exercise Options

Make sure that you are providing your dog with lots of chances to exercise on this trip. If your dog loves the water, you can even consider taking them for a swim. Make sure that it is a safe place to swim and do check for any fishermen nearby. You need to make sure that you don’t disrupt issues with fishing. After all, nothing will scare fish away more than a dog bounding through the water.

Treats And Training 

Finally, you can take the time on your trip treating and training your dog. This can be great fun and will strengthen the bond between you and your animal. If you are interested in this possibility, then it is worth focusing on training options that are useful rather than actions that can be considered tricks. However, really any type of training is a great option and most dogs love to learn.

We hope this helps you have fun with your dog on your journey while staying safe on your trip.

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