Rock climbing for kids

If you are an active family, we recommend you to join us at climbing for kids. You will learn how to belay your kid, and many more useful things so that you and your kid could go climb together. Kids are great natural climbers, but need to be encouraged, build confidence, and learn how to climb safely.

Climbing for kids is a perfect activity to wake up the child’s inner monkey. Our licensed and experienced guide will teach your kid how to climb safely. How to do safety checks, what to do and what not to do while climbing, so that climbing with your child will be a pleasure and not a nerve-wrecking experience.

Go climb with your kid

Climbing for kids is a couple of hours long adventure that will teach your kid to take responsibility of their own safety, and teach the whole family about how to act as one when it comes to climbing together and belaying. You know that, as a parent, you are responsible for your child’s safety. And your own safety as well, of course. Climbing for kids will teach your kids and you how to have healthy, action-packed fun together, without unnecessary worry.

We will have a great time at the climbing for kids activity. You and your child will get more confident about belaying and climbing together, you will get your daily exercise, and you will discover an activity that you can do together, as a family and as part of your active lifestyle.

It is important to learn basics the right way

It is important that your children learn how to climb safely right from the start. And climbing for kids teaches exactly that. You do not need any previous experience, just comfortable clothing, and loads of enthusiasm.

Join us at climbing for kids and teach yourself some new, useful, and exciting skills that you will use together with your child.

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