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Valuable Games Species Chart- Pelagics    


FAMILY: Sgombridae
Genus- Thunnus

Yellow Fin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna, Species: T. Albacare

Albacore Tuna
Albacore Tuna, Species: T. Alalunga

Blue Fin Tuna
Bluefin Tuna, Species: T. Thynnus (PROTECTED SPECIES)

Genus- Gymnosarda

Dog Thooth Tuna
Dogthooth Tuna, Species: G. Unicolor

Genus- Acanthocybium

Whaoo, Species: A. Solandri

Genus- Scomberumorus

King Makerel
King Makerel, Species: S. Cavalla

Spanish Makerel
Spanish Makerel, Species: S. Maculatus

(Generically Makerel refers to more than a fish family, King and Spanish are the most common game for Bluewater Hunting)


FAMILY: Istiophoridae
Genus- Makaira

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin, Species: M. Nigricas 

Black Marlin
Black Marlin, Species: M. Indica 

(whether or not it is a separate species from Makaira nigricans "Atlantic and Pacific Marlin" is currently debated)

Genus- Tetrapturus

Striped Marlin
Striped Marlin, Species: T. Audax

Genus- Istiophorus

Indopacific Sail Fish
Indo Pacific Sailfish, Species: I. Platypterus 

Atlantic Sail Fish
Atlantic Sailfish, Species: I. Albicans


FAMILY: Carangidae
Genus- Caranx

Giant Trevalley, Species: C. Ignobilis

Jack Crevalle
Jack Crevalle, Species: C. Hippos

Genus- Seriola

Greater Amberjeck, Species: S. Dumerili

Yellowtail King Fish
Yellowtail Kingfish, Species: S. Lalandi

Samson Fish
Samson Fish, Species: C. Hippos

Almaco Jack
Almaco Jack, Species: S. Rivoliana

(Commonly known as Greater Amberjeck, Yellow tail King Fish, Samson Fish and Almaco Jack, those are the 4 most valuable among Speros, Genus Seriola is recognized in 9 different Species:
Dumerili, Lalandi, Hippos, Rivoliana, Peruana, Quinqueradiata, Zonata, Carpenteri, Fasciata)

Genus- Alectis

African Pompano
African Pompano, Species: A. Ciliaris

Genus- Scomberoides

Giant Queenfish
Giant Queenfish, Species: S. Lysan

Genus- Lichia

Leerfish, Species: L. Amia

Genus- Campogramma

Big Toothed Pompano
Big Toothed Pompano, Species: C. Glaycos

(Also known as Vadigo)


FAMILY: Coryphaenidae
Genus- Coryphaena

Dolphin Fish or Dorado
Dolphin Fish, Species: C. Hippurus

(Also known as Mahi-Mahi or Dorado)

FAMILY: Sphyraenidae
Genus- Sphyraena

Giant Barracuda
Giant Barracuda, Species: S. Picuda


FAMILY: Rachycentridae
Genus- Rachycentron

Cobia, Species: R. Canadum


FAMILY: Nematistiidae
Genus- Nematistius

Rooster Fish
Rooster Fish, Species: N. Pectoralis


FAMILY: Arripidae
Genus- Arripis

Australian Salmon
Australian Salmon, Species: Georgianus, Trutta, Truttaceus, Xylabion


FAMILY: Pomatomidae
Genus- Pomatomus (Locepede, 1802)

Tailor Fish
Taylor Fish, Species: P. Saltatrix


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