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Seasniperbaja Spear fishing Charters
My Friend Chay Ochoa owner of seasniperbaja charters, an experienced spero and skillful professional guide. My point of reference to Cortez Sea and Pacific Coast amazing adventures
Sea Sniper Custom Speargun
My Friend Chris skillfully crafts customs spearguns, the right tool for blue ocean giants. In my opinion sea snipers are the best tuna gun ever!
Roib Allen Spearfishing Shop
Rob Allen, Not much to add about, his name says all. It means high and excellent quality gears, RA Guns can count the most world records scored ever as everybody know, definitely the way to follow for big games!

Down Under Spear fishing Charters

My friend Emanuel Bova owner of "Down under Spear fishing Charters", an high level athlete in spear fishing competitions, one of the most experienced spero that i have the privilege to know. Emanuel is a professional guide, my point of reference to Australian and worldwide adventures

Itio Alemanni Roller guns

My friend Itio Alemanni, hand made roller-guns, innovative projects by Itio solid experience and really skillful hands; Itio Rollers are my guns main option

Dallacolombina Spearfishing Shop

My friend Gianni Nicolai owner of "Dalla Colombina", The shop where I use to buy my gears! One of the oldest and most appreciated Spear fishing shop in Italy

Tecnoblu Mute su Misura

My friend Piero Scelfo, "Tecnoblu" is the wet suit brand that I dress; hand made wet suits by Piero long time experience in the business

Stefano Soriano Affertus web site

My friend Stefano Soriano, one of the most fervent mind I ever had the pleasure to know. A new gears projects dimensions, no commercial, just passion and fun!

Bluworld Spearfishing Forum

An original idea by my friend Giovanni Fasolino. Today under the supervision of another friend, Michele Rubbini, "Bluworld" is one of the oldest and most appreciated Italian forum

Pescasub&Apnea Spearfishing Forum

No Sponsors is the Philosophy of "Pescasub&Apnea", an independent idea of my friend Claudio Basili that subscribers definitely love, one of the most successful Italian forum today


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My Friend's Web Links
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