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Welcome to Extreme!


A dream in the drawer...

Free dive deafening peacefull soundless ocean depth

Magic encounter with blue ocean giants

Ride a gentle whale shark's back

Swim beside a giant manta ray's graceful glide

Fight a huge marlin or a majestic yellow fin tuna

Admire a swimming pod of whales with their giant tails hovering in the air

Spear fishing a coral reef formed from the lava flows of an active volcano

Hunt remote banks and their dizzy drop-off... unexplored reefs that have hardly seen a human being

Having the privilege to be the first!

Mexico, Striped Marlin

How many times have you told yourself:

"Sooner or later I will experience an incredible adventure, a spear fishing live board charter to a remote, unexplored ocean paradise" . . .

And you end up putting off the departure date again and again because economics matter or the logistic of planning and organizing such trip. It always ends up being your "Dream in a Drawer"...

You have had diving experiences in exotic areas, spear fishing a variety of seas and oceans in foreigner countries, perhaps annually, and know what is involved in planning and organizing this type of adventure.

If you belong to one of the 2 categories mentioned above may you have landed on the right website!

To understand what Extreme's web site objective is and how I may be able to help you on your quest, please continue reading my 2 intro pages "About Us" and "Extreme Purposes"

Thank a Lot!


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