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Organizing a Spear fishing charter is not an easy task. One of the main problems is time, to justify a long journey that will take us to the other side of the globe and maximise the chances to have incredible encounters with blue ocean giants. It takes no less than 15 days and many of us wont have that many days of holiday considering also the problem related to our family, spending our holiday time with them too, etc. Indeed we must leave being sure that the right organization has been carried out for us in order to make the most of our limited time.

We could buy the services of a well known tour operator, we will be sure to end up in professional hands and Spear fishing safely, that could be a right solution if the price wasn't be a problem. It takes just a little Internet research to find many tour operators that organise fishing trips almost every where around the world, and quickly find out about the very high prices, which are, in my opinion, always to expensive.

Mexico, Wahoo

Another option could be look for smaller tour operators and local guides that offer the right services and solutions and guarantee reasonable prices with a big interrogative point about the organization regarding logistics and safety. How the fishing will be handled from a safety point of view is a big deal to many hunters and with good reason. If we have never been to the chosen spot before then finding a local guide from our country is not easy, some have a web site, most of them don't, they don't advertise the business generally speaking, if we have some friend that already lived the experience and we can trust and follow his suggestions, then we are one of the lucky ones.

In both cases forget about uncontaminated and nearly unexplored waters, those places that, thank Poseidon, still exist today where no tour operator is working. We are talking about inaccessible places without an organized group and people that have experienced such a particular safari.
For the past few years, as it works for most of you, due to my family life, my daughter is very young, my job, etc, I can organise Fishing trips that takes short period of time, 20 days about, arriving at the chosen spot and counting on the right organization. Years ago the situation was much different, I could leave and enjoy my Spear fishing trips without knowing the return date. Spending long period of time in different areas, I met and knew well fishermen, local guides in many countries: Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Burma, Thailand. Then I got experience knowing local people on past trips and today I can organise Spear fishing safaris with an excellent logistic base, counting on the professional work of some locals that I already tested. This means safaris in the highest possible safety with very reasonable prices commensurate to the work offered.

I would like to underline that Extreme is not a commercial web site, it does not sell any thing, nor Spear fishing safaris! I organise trips for people for no fee or charges.

My web site talks about Oceanic spear fishing, Blue water Hunting and related gears, etc, subjects that in my country Italy are not well known, mostly about worldwide destinations, where to go and enjoy fantastic Spear Fishing adventures.

Extreme would like to be a reference point for people that, no matter their past experiences, would join Fishing charters far from well known tour operators and the most known areas. Build up a cohesive and friendly group made by guys that share the same passion about Spear fishing in ocean and Blue-water Hunting. Use my experiences and those of our friends in order to share info about our past trips and build a free and rich database of Spear fishing destinations giving precise details about them. I want to build a community of friends to decide together future destinations, equally dividing the safari cost and enjoy the trips together. Unforgettable experiences, Fishing trips made in the highest possible safety, with reasonable price and professional organization that Ialready tested.


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