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Oceania, Australia, New South wales    

A Winning Mentality


Australia, New South Wales MapClick Photo to Enlarge

It is a real pleasure talk with Australian fisherman, because the incredible stories told about amazing tails and monster fish landed, most important cause the "Oozy mentality" that emerges while talking, a way to understand and live the sea that unlucky does not belong to everybody.
A winning attitude and approach that in my opinion should be taken as main example cause it means respect for the sea, respect for the nature that supports us!

Aussies (or Oozy, it is a slang that stands for Australians they use to call them self) have the enormous PREGIO of a deep environmentalist consciousness that comes out in every their approach to the sea and the surrounding environment.

We are talking about a really big country, a huge island with an enormous desert on the inside, most of Aussies are living in the coast line to enjoy better weather conditions than countryside can offer. Aussies live in prevalence the coast line, most of them live a close relationship with the sea, a truly and genuine respect to the big blue brother felt as a real public gift that must be respected and preserved at all cost. Because it is not just another resource to squeeze, taking as much as possible, it is a priceless gift that is not giving us just life but also a real means of support and welfare because all the industries related.

Australian SnapperA really deep ecologic consciousness where laws are not intended as deterrent as it happens in so many other countries: as example, if a species, as example Serranids (grouper), is protected I never shoot a grouper not because may I will be caught and fined with an expensive ticket, because understanding why that very species is protected and contribute to the cause as never hunt it again, means respect to myself as first. Respect to the environment that is giving me life in every ways, respect to my home that does not end in proximity of my apartment walls, it is the world where I am living, the environment intended as part of our being, as our main and real home; subjects that most of people do not want read and know about, it makes them boring. We are so focusing about snatching, take more and more that we are turning blind, an attitude that we have the courage of call it progress that is turning against us and is going to destroy every things and every body.

A bounce of prerogatives that in my opinion make Australia a a true modern country, without any doubts a top world zone for spear fishing proposes. A deep ecologic consciousness that naturally belong to Ozzies, sport and commercial fishing strict laws made with clear and clever objective in mind, to preserve and maintain a rich sea environment, not intended to make the last politician richer and richer as it happens most often else where. In my country, Italy, we all are teachers about that... what the scheme! An effective work by the cost guard that is present, ensuring the law if it will be the case in a marine surface so huge.
All these characteristics made Australia as a top world spot for spear fishing propose. A truly paradise with long cost lines, miles and miles of reef that run from West to East trough different environments, for unknown areas outside the tourism related main market as well the most famous spots well know by the international Spear fishing community. These characteristics make Australia as one of the first place where to organize a fishing trip, paradises that keep offering amazing rewards, awesome stories about monster games landed and many scored world records. Therefore, do not get surprise if the cost line in front a big metropolis as Sidney can offer encounter that we never forget!

Australian Visa:

Australia, Striped MarlinFor a period of time less than 3 months, usually our trips takes a few weeks, less than a month probably, if we have to enter Australia just once, we can apply for a "tourist visa" with a "single entry" with a 3 months period of time validity, the minimum amount of time given.
For this kind of visa that matches the above mentioned characteristics we don't have to fill any form, photos are not request, our passport wont be stamp to, we don't have to go to the nearest consulate as well. A topology of visa completely free of charge.

Matching the above mentioned characteristics, we can apply for a "eVisitor – Electronic Tourist and Business Visa", a kind of visa allowed for all European Union passports as well USA citizenship owners. We can apply directly on line for a visa ETA type that we can required from the airline company that we are flying with or the travel office where we are going to purchase the tickets if belongs to ATA association. Basically we have to do nothing, just tell about our airline company or the travel office, it will take care everything, just collect the visa, is a document page, no stamp on the passport, once we have to pay for the fly tickets.

For the specific details you can read main Australia embassy worldwide web sites however, I repeat, basically we have to do nothing, just ask an apply for the visa by your airline company or travel office.


Australian Dollar (AUD), the rate exchange are: 1.35 AUD for 1 Euro, 1 AUD for 1 $ USD

Getting There:

For the fishing ground areas analyzed in this section our main geographical point of reference is Sidney where we are going to land. It is the home and operative base of my friend Emanuel Bova, "Down Under Spearfishing". Emanuel is my point of reference for Australia and fishing trip all around Oceania as I am going to explain in details. Depending where are you flying from, Europe as example, a journey that takes 15.000 Km about. Direct fly from Europe to Australia do not exist, a stop over is always needed. Airplanes as the 777-200LR can fly straightly for 17000 Km about however a stop over is always required because safety reasons, refuelling must be made at every precise tank limit. The most common stop over are done in South East Asia, often in Bangkok or Singapore. Ask you airline company for details about.

Jet Lag:

World Time Zone, Australia, SideneyClick Photo to Enlarge

Australia is a really huge country, 3 different time zones, we are going to considering Sidney time zone as point of reference of this section: + 11 hours than Greenwich time zone remembering that Australian day light saving time takes place on the exact contrary than our (Italian Time Zone), Australia is in the Australian Hemisphere. It takes place from 31st October until 31st March.

Health Care:

Australian life style has high level as ours, the standard life quality is the same as westerner countries, no vaccinations are required as well particular safety care regarding drinking water, ice, etc.


Australia, New South Wales Costline MapClick Photo to Enlarge

We are going to land in Sidney where we can organize, therefore leave to the chosen fishing grounds. A long journey that is going to take 20 Hours from Europe or from USA approximately, because no direct fly we must include the time needed for the obligatory stop over.
In this section we are going to analyze a few well know areas however do not get it wrong, perhaps i should not mention them unless we are talking about very rich areas, amazing spots that keep rewarding with outstanding games landed.

The area of reference is Sidney State, the New South Wales Territory:
fishing ground around Sidney, then Jervis Bay on the South and South West Rocks, Coff Harbour and Tweed Heads up to the North.

Jervis Bay is located South than Sidney, 130 Km far, South West Rocks, Coff Harbour and Tweed Heads on the East Coast up North from Sidney, 370, 460 and 850 Km far from the main city.

Geography, Weather, When:

Australia coastlines are the most inhabited areas within the all country, we are not talking about remote and hard to reach locations as it happens for other destinations. In every site that I am going to analyze in this section nice accommodations and, generally speaking comfort, will be always available.
We are going to rest in beautiful small towns and, depending on our request and what the chosen small village is offering, we can find accommodation in Hotel, or in a comfortable and big private house for rent, well furnished with all the comfort needed, in a Caravan Park (beautiful small houses completely furnished for hire). It wont be difficult find a local guide service who is going to rent the boat and bring us fishing, just have a beer in a bar on the bitch and talk with local or take in consideration the offers by the fishing tour operators that are working in town.

My suggestion is always the same, especially for a trip that takes short time, 10 days or just a few weeks, better do not trow away even a single day. Better to organize the trip month before living, look for and find accomodation, most important a boat and service of a guide that, possibly, we can check the references in advance. Prices will be more expensive than other sites that I mentioned in my fishing destinations database, we are talking about Australia, over there life costs are the same as Europe or USA, however, by the suggestions of Spiro friends who already have been there, we can find a perfect solution that is going to suit all needs, cheaper prices for and excellent and high professional service.

Australia, Samson FishAustralia is in fact an huge desert, with the exception of the North coast characterized by a tropical weather, on the other country areas practically it never rain; Australia does not have any major lake or river. It rains very little and the warm Pacific current well known as "Ni-no" periodically brings drought. Australia for extension is the 6th biggest country in the world, 41000 Km from West to East Coast. In all this enormous area, practically we wont ever have problem about rain, with the North Coast exception, in every other locations we never have a proper rainy, monsoon or hurricane season as it happens often to other worldwide locations where we organize our spear fishing trip.

Australia is located on the Southern hemisphere, seasons are "up side down than our" (Northern hemisphere): from June to September is winter time, the locations analyzed in this section offer a very nice weather during this part of the year, minimum temperature between 13 and 21 C. Summer time from end of October until March on the contrary is very hot and humid, we are talking about locations where sun is shiny for 300 days in a year with temperatures between 25 and 45 C.
The weather is mainly continental, Spring and fall are not characteristic season as it happens at higher latitude.
As already mentioned, with the exception of the high temperatures in Summer time, in these areas we wont ever have a proper rainy or hurricane season, weather wont ever be a problem intended as a bad season when is better do not go there, however, in order to choose the best period of the year for Spearfishing propose, we must keep an eye about the marine conditions, how the water gets warmer or colder depending on the season chosen and the particular season characteristics. The suggestion of a local guide will be again priceless in order to decide when is the best period to organize the fishing trip, increasing as much as possible the possibility of unforgettable results. The subject is debated in details in "Sea- Geography and Fauna" section.

The Organization at Land:

Down Under Charters LogoMy main point of reference to Australia is my friend Emanuel Bova and his business "DownUnder SpearfishingCharters",
one of the most experienced and talented Spiarfishing guide that I have the pleasure to know.
Emanuel is Italian, born in Genoa as myself, he settled down in Australia, Sydney, while he was teen-ager living the Ozzy land since than. I can call Emanuel as a truly Spearfishing lover,

definitely a Spearfishing mad!
Emanuel competes for Spearfishing competitions, nationally and internationally, since many years.
Without doubts Emanuel is a really experienced guide with a deep and wide knowledge of the sea and all its life forms, an experience built up by living the sea everyday. Emanuel is a very talented guide, he uses to organize Spearfishing charters all around the world. He knows fishing grounds areas analyzed in this section very well cause he use Spearfishing there almost every day, he is definitely "the man for the job!"

Australia, New South Wales AccommodationEvery Spearfishing main locations will be decided first, depending on what the main chosen area town is offering, our group participants number and our particular requests, Emanuel can rent for us:
a nice house completely furnished with swimming pool, kitchen, barbecue and all comfort possible if we like this kind of accommodation and live fully comfortably.
A Caravan Park,(with the term Aussie mean a kind of small prefabricated houses), also in this case we are talking about a nice accommodation with all the main comfort as, barbecue, furnished kitchen

Australia, New South Wales AccommodationAn hotel if the chosen town does not offer other type of accommodation or if the hotel is fine to everybody. We are talking about 3 to 4 stars nice and clean hotel.

We can debate all the details before leaving asking Emanuel to book for us the accommodation type that we prefer; Emanuel is going to take care the transportation too, we are going to travel with the Emanuel 4 whale track with the boat carry by the car and travelling with us.

Australian Law (New South Wales):

Australia is a Parliamentary Monarchy, a federal government divided in States with their own laws, the main regulations concerning Spearfishing are the low implemented within Sydney state, the New South Wales. In the other states Spearfishing legislation could be different, new or different regulation can be implemented.

Australian laws are very strict, ignorance is not allowed and breaking the law means be severely punished, officials are always present checking and ensuring the law while should be the case, thank god a country where laws are done for preserve a better sea and welfare to everybody, not for make the last politician richer and richer... In Australia things are working properly!

To do Spearfishing in Australia a fishing license is needed; we can apply and buy it in every town' fishing gear shops. In a "Down Under Sperafihing Charters" boat, for a crew number of 7 fishermen maximum, the fishing license is not required, every crew member do not have to apply and purchase the license because it is already included in the federal tax that Emanuel has to pay for run his business.

Diving Flag-  InternationalAs implemented by Australian Law, while at sea a diver must always carry a floating signal with the proper flag, go fishing without the float is dangerous as every body know why, plus law don't allow ignorance, DON'T follow rules means most often be fine with an expensive bill because Australian Cost Guard is vigilant, always present implementing the laws respect.

A float with the proper flag signaling a diver at sea IMPONE to every vessel to keep a distance of 100 mt within the float. The "red with white stripe", is the most common flag required by law worldwide.

Diving Flag-  AustraliaIn a few counties as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa the flag is "blue with white stripe". Therefore for Spearfishing activities in Australia we must provide our float with the proper "blue and white flag", do not use the "red and white" flag because it is not recognised, it does not match Australian law.

Moreover regulations about proper spearfishing flag are often confusing, the blue and white flag in the nautical code has a precise meaning, it is called halpa flag and must be showed by every vessel meaning that some of its crew member is at sea doing some task, diving, fishing, or what ever task their are doing indeed the boat can not freely maneuver; some countries as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa implement the "blue and white flag" to signal Spear Fishing activities too.

Pneumatic as rubber guns are the only allowed systems, every other way of propulsion are forbidden, in New South Wales State Spearfishing with scuba tank is forbidden too. Do Spearfishing after sun set is allowed, probably because it could mean sure suicide! Australian waters are well know because a huge shark populations, so many shark species are living in this ocean and, as every body know, shark are species that hunt mostly at night, go Spearfishing after sun set is to risky!

Severe rules are implemented allowing daily a precise maximum number of pieces for every given species and a precise minimum weight, better to know all the details because it may happen that our catch will be inspected. Laws about these regulations can vary depending on the Australian State where we are fishing, Emanuel can help us, explaining  in details all the regulations that we must to know.

Some species that belong to Serranidae Family as Giant, Goliath Grouper, Coral Trout, etc (refer to "Reef SpeciesChart"), are protected species and could not be hunt. At list that is what the New South Wales State law says, in the close Queensland State Spearfishing Groupers as the species mentioned above, is still allowed, however better to be informed and periodically refresh our informations because these kind of laws could suddenly change. These laws are strictly implemented, Ozzys don't play about that, transgressors are fined with very expensive bills and consequences can be settle in a penal court too!

About Games Landed:

Australia, MackerelAs already sow in the dedicated section, during this trip we will always rest in nice hotel or house with all comfort guaranteed: a furnished chicken, a barbecue where we can cook and refrigerator where we can store meet. However, after just a few days spearfishing, we will probably end up with more meet that we can ever attempt to eat. We are talking about very rich waters, therefore, despite the strict Australian regulations, our moral code, try to shoot just the biggest fish, etc, in a short period of time is possible to land so many games and end up with a lot of meet, impossible to enjoy all, it takes a soldier platoon to do that! Emanuel use to donate the fish, usually to organizations that work for indigents.

Sea- Geography and Fauna:

Game Species Chart-  Australia, New South WalesClick Photo to Enlarge

As already told in this section we are not talking about remote areas, hard to reach and inhospitable places, on the contrary we are talking about well known areas however do not get me wrong, I did not mentioned them unless we are still talking about very rich waters where incredible encounters often happen. 
East Australian Coast Pacific Ocean has his own rules that is better to know:
very strong currents, the water visibility that could unpredictably change and the so called "Ground Swell" the long bottom waves typical of certain areas in the Pacific Ocean, find games and their behaviour mainly depend on these subjects.
Water visibility could be a problem, it could suddenly change and gets unpredictable, it mainly depends on the currents, the season and the weather conditions. As it happens often in Ocean, we are Spearfishing an area with very low visibility, just sail a few miles and find perfect or better conditions. With experienced diver as Emanuel we can be confident leaving it to his judgments, a skillful guide who knows these waters as his pockets, able to read the signals that sea is giving in order to find fish and the best conditions where try the action; again an experienced guide and his judgments is essential to increase as much as possible chances of an unforgettable adventure.

Australia, LobsterEmanuel suggestions will be again essential in order to choose the best period of the year in which organize our trip regarding the species that we prefer to hunt as main objective and water temperature change in the chosen season because ocean regulates the temperature and the change, waters that get colder or warmer and how long does it takes, in an unique way and this subject is also fundamental regarding fish availability and behavior that mainly depends on it.

The moon phases that regulate the ties, is another subject that must be analyzed in order to chose the best period possible for our trip increasing as much as we can possibilities of amazing encounters. With the exception of very a few species, generally speaking I am referring mainly to pelagic species and Bluewater Hunting, full moon and the prior phases must be avoided, better if it is possible organize our trip as far as possible from the chosen month full moon phases.


Australia, Down Under Charters,  Boat and CarEmanuel
runs spearfishing trips with a Gemini inflated boat 7.5 mt long with 2 four stroke engines 200 hp each. The boat will always travel with us carried by Emanuel huge truck. While driving from a fishing area to another the car speed wont be so fast because the heavy boat that is traveling with us however we are talking about a perfect boat for our propose, going slower on the road but very fast once at sea.
We are talking in fact about a particular inflated boat project as you can see and understand  by the picture: a hull designed for high speed, comfort and stability due to a very high center board. It is an excellent boat to sail the long Pacific waves, cruising from a fishing spot to another is very comfortable due this unique boat shape made for high speed and complete safety. The Gemini is well furnished with the all required tools for safe sailing: radio, GPS, echo sounder, fish finder, radar and all the other tools and equipments needed.

The Organization at Sea:

Once the details will be decided: which fishing areas we would like to try regarding the species that we like to hunt as most, weather conditions, report of local professional fishermen, their catch during the last days etc, we are going to leave with Emanuel track and the Gemini inflated boat traveling with us.
Australia, Down Under Charters,  Boat
Every boat is made by 4 speros maximum as crew members because comfort and safety reasons, 5 sailors all together including Emanuel as the boat skipper: despite being comfortable once on board, 4 speros is the maximum number that allow our skipper to implement the proper job, check properly every spero spearfishing at sea, ready to help everybody in a quick time if a game is landed or in any case of emergency. With "Down Under Spearfishing Charters" services we can be sure to purchase the proper professional job, as Emanuel working as our skipper, his skillful expertise will be a guarantee for our safety, we will always spearfish in proper situations, sure about watchful guardian eyes always pointed at us ready to intervene in every case it should be necessary. A professional guide capable to "put us on the fish" as technically we use to say and, most important, capable to implement an guarantee real safety and proper help if needed to everybody.

Sydney Areas:

Australian SnapperOnce landed in Sydney we can spend there a few days, while organizing the last details before leaving to the main chosen fishing grounds, take a rest because the long journey, go sightseeing this biutiful city if we like and may try Spearfishing some areas around.

Thinking about a big city with a harbour, filthy odours and polluted water as unfortunately happens for the majority of worldwide big cities and their sea surrounding, it is probably what comes on our mind, that does not work for Sydney! We are talking about a very rich ocean preserved by Ozzy ecologic mentality too, do not get surprise if Sydney water can preserve amazing games and a huge variety of sea life species, alongside all the comfort that belong to this nice big metropolis.

80 Km of fishing ground coast line are waiting for us from Palm Beach up to the North to Stanwell Park, part of Royal National Park, down to South. A really characteristic coast line cut in the middle by Sidney harbour, a 80 Km long rock Cliff that falls to the sea with a 90 angle degrees for all the length. A button sea characterized by rocks and sand, waters here are colder than North areas, 16 C. "61 F." in winter to 23 C."73.5 F." in Summer with a 10 to 20 mt "28 - 56 ft" about visibility.

These spots are awesome for reef species, we can do bluewater hunting too, no pinnacles and bank characterized the outer sea however we can try for pelagic drifting close to F.A.D. (Fish Aggregation device) placed all around in reach of a 20 Km about "12Miles" from the coast, tied at 150 mt "420 ft" depth. The best season for pelagic is in summer time, from middle of December until April is possible to find Tuna, Dolphin Fish and sometime Marlin. Sidney areas are characterized by a very rich sea life, fishing ground better suited for reef species and pelagic that don't migrate fare away, these pelagic that don't move much living the area all year around. These area are well known for big school of Breams, a large population of Jewish, big fish that can reach a 30 Kg "66 Pounds" weight, the Australian Salmon and huge PESCE SERRA. It is possible hunt these species in 10 mt "28 ft" depth about and during winter time find nice Snappers. The winter approaches bringing the first Yellow Fin Tuna schools and Striped Marlin, pelagic that are living the areas until April. From June until December these sites are famous for a awesome Lobster population. We are talking about a lucky metropolis with really rich water, well populated due to Ozzy respectful and intelligent way to fell and intend the sea too, a relationship with the sea that in my opinion must be taken as example to everybody, Aussie really understood that respect and preserve the ocean means life and welfare to everybody.

Jarvis Bay:

Australia, YellowtailA small town 180 Km South from Sydney, colder waters than the areas site up North as Coff Harbour, 14 C "57.2 F" in winter and 21 C "69.8 F" in summer, with a visibility that could vary from 10 to 35 mt "28 - 98 ft" about. If we love spearfishing Seriola Genus as the Yellow Tail or King Fish, Jarvis Bay is a must spot that we can not miss. Another spearfishing valuable game that in Jarvis Bay waters is present in large number is the Australian Salmon, a species typical of some Australian areas that has nothing to do with the Salmon fish that we usually intend, we are talking about a game that is living only salty water; refer to "Pelagic Species Chart" for more details about.

This coast line is plenty of reef species: Bream, Tarwine, Black Drummer, Blue and Red Morwong, Tasmania Trumpeter, Got-fish, just to mention a few. Again, do not get me wrong, we are not talking about giants, monster fish, however ambush and shoot as example a Bream is a challenging task that takes a perfect technique and skillful, a very rewarding game because catch some is not easy at all and because the meet, excellent for a delicious supper.

As we sow for Sidney areas, also Jarvis Bay coast line does not offer pinnacles and bank, however we can enjoy bluewater hunting drifting close F.A.D., we can find these buoys almost every where, where we can try the action ambushing Dolphin Fish and Back Marlin.

Moreover Jarvis Bay is an area that we definitively must visit if we are interested in King Fish, a pelagic that is living the coast in abundance trough the whole year getting very interesting size.

South West Rocks:

Australia, New South Wales, South West RocksA small town 450 Km North from Sydney.
Another nice an plenty of sea life area, the coastline and the small islands in front of the town are all excellent spots
South West Rocks is famous for a huge population of Jewish, games that can reach heavy weight, 30 Kg plus "66 Pounds". Depending on the season we can do both, reef species and pelagic, in a button depth from 10 to 35 mt "28 - 98 ft" is possible find many different reef species that are living this rich sea in staggering numbers mentioning also Lobster and big Crabs that are present here in very large number; South West Rocks gets is fortune and became well known in fact due to Lobsters and Crabs, the incredible number and the huge size that these shellfish easily reach.The area is particularly rich in King Fish that are living the coast all year around and also Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Yellow and Blue Fin Tuna, Marlin, different kind of Carangidae and Cobia mostly during summer time. A well known area where we can get all the comfort that a small town can offer with amazing and really rich water where we can score some big one enjoying excellent supper with all the fish and shellfish that we are going to find and land.

Water visibility could vary from 10 to 30 mt "28 - 84 ft" depending on the season and Ocean currents, with a minimum temperature of 26 C. "78.8 F" in Summer to 18 C. "64.4 F" about in winter; South West Rocks is characterized by warmer waters than those of New South Wales southern coasts.
How water gets colder and warmer and how long the change takes, is another important subject, better to know the details about because the fish behaviour and species availability mainly depends in these changes. With the summer warmer temperature the Ocean water increases gradually in temperature, the fenomenon happens progressively with its own time and could be conditioned by currents and unusual seasonal changes or events as Nino warm current side effect, therefore, the suggestions of a local guide who is fishing these waters regularly and can see by his own eyes all the changes and how things evolve in that very season, it will be so important in order to chose the best period possible for our spearfishing trip, increasing as much as possible the chances of incredible encounters.

Coff Harbour:

Australia, New South Wales, Solitary IslandsCoff Harbour is a famous town, the name is well know by every speros as a top worldwide fishing ground. Well known waters by speros international community because the incredible size games that keep offering; located next to South West Rocks, 540 Km North from Sydney. A famous and biutiful areas characterized by the so called Solitary Islands, small islands groups that stand a 65 Km "40 miles" area in front of the coast; bank and "bomies" as the Aussie use to call pinnacles, all around, fantastic spots for reef species and pelagic too, a Mecca for bluewater hunting lovers as myself! Here is possible try the action in many pinnacles and bank all over the area. Some of them are well know, some other not signed on the maps and much less know, priceless GPS way points that local guides keeps as gift to their experience and hard work at sea. All these areas keeps rewarding speros with incredible gifts, a really beautiful reef populated by games that we use to dream about; worldwide fishing grounds do not get so huge popularity unless incredible games landed and world records scored as it still happens to Solitary Islands... An awesome nature, biutiful sea button populated by an incredible species variety and many lobster too, another paradise for shellfish and sea life generally speaking, a must place that we can not miss while planning a spearfishing trip in New South Wales State!

Water visibility could vary from 10 to 40 mt "28 - 112 ft" with a warmer temperature that reaches 26 C. "78.8 F" in summer down to 13 C. "55.4 F" in winter. In this coast line is practically possible to find every species that are living Australian waters.

Emanuel and his Down Under Spearfishing Charters offers a variety of services: it is possible organize spearfishing trips, going spearfishing and living in comfortable hotel or apartment as told in the specific section or live-board trips as well, renting a boat and the service of a professional skipper who knows and sails these unique waters  as his job, living on the boat and go spearfishing all around Solitary Islands, unique experiences where words are not wort enough and could not effectively describe the reward of such an incredible adventure; for specific details or if you like organize your unique live-board spearfishing trip, visiting particular areas as your wish or following our experience suggestions, please contact me directly or Emanuel at Down Under Spearfishing Charters.

Tweed Heads:

Autralia, Yellowfin TunaTweed Heads is located North from Coff Harbour, 850 Km or 11 hours by car from Sydney, it is possible to rich the area by airplane to, in this case must fly to Gold Coast "Coolangatta" Airport in reach with Tweed Heads. Another biutiful town close to the border between New South Wales and Queensland States. Another top Spearfishing area, a worldwide famous fishing ground for world records and amazing giants landed as Fido's and Nine Mile pinnacles names, just to mention 2 names of paradise Spearfishing areas that every speros know or at list already heard, "bomies" that keep producing incredible encounters with  big giants that every of us is dreaming about.

Going North to Coral Sea and tho North Australia Coast characterized by a more tropical weather, water are getting warmer as those that we can find at Tweed Heads. Best period of the year to visit the area is surely the summer time. This area is a must for pelagic, a top spot for bluewater hunting, a place that must be included on our trip fishing grounds scheduled area if we truly enjoy hunt blue giants. Tweed Heads waters are characterized by on of the most incredible variety of sea life that we can ever possibly imagine. While summer is approaching, warm currents from Coral Sea and Queensland Great Coral Barrier bring with them the migrations of an astonishing variety of pelagic species, this is definitively a pelagic ground as we often dream about, a Mecca for bluewater hunting lover as myself: Spanish and King Mackerel, huge Wahoo, Black Marlin, Sail Fish, many different species of Carangidae family just to mention a few big one!

In summer time this is an area where find big giants in a truly sense wont be a remote possibility, a fishing ground that, despite pelagic and valuable spearfishing species, can reward with other amazing encounters with sea life form as cetaceans, dolphin and many other amazing and biutiful animals, a place that is going to make us fell the nature in a genuine way, that will remember us that paradise on heart still exist!


For specific details about gears, bluewater hunting tools, etc, refer to "Gear" section where I debate the subject in every detail. About wetsuit, as we saw we are talking about colder water on the South to warmer while going up North, depending in your habitude to, if you fell cold quickly, bring with you a 5 or a 7 mm for the coldest situation, the 5 mm or a 3 mm it will siut better the warmer water up North depending on the season chosen too.

In order to fly comfortably without so heavy and bulky luggage, weights belt and solid floats for bluewater hunting can be bought once there, as we sow we are going to spend a few days in Sydney if we like and living in nice towns with all the comforts, find Spearfishing shops wont be a problem. Weights and floats can be rent at "Down Under Spearfishing Charters" too.

About every question that you would like to ask in details fell free please to "Contact Me".



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