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My name is Luca Esposito,

I'm an Italian from Genoa. I was born in 1970, at 23 years of age I settled down here in Thailand, where I'm still living today. I'm married to my sweet heart wife Knot and I'm daddy of Asia, my 6 years old daughter.
India, GrouperAlongside traveling, spear fishing is my passion, it's something that goes hand in hand with a nice hobby. It's a way to fully enjoy the natural world and all it's beauty that surrounds me. A way to learn what it means respect the element that keeps me alive, by natures simple and rigorous rules I understand what I am as a person........ part of an awesome natural system.
In our super markets era where "never enough" is a word that does not belong to our dictionary any more, the predation, the ancestral act that hunting and eating the quarry represents, is an act that confirms to myself what I really am. Hunting has a deeper meaning, it's not just catching and landing a game, it's a concept that goes far beyond that. A thousand emotions remind me to dig deep, feel sensations, hear sounds, smells odors, enjoy tastes that most of people simply forgot or do not even imagine exist.
Do Spear fishing is a way to put myself on a test as that small petty human being that I am in front of the beauty of nature, the powerful element of water with its perfection and cruel rules that at any time can easily crush me like a little bug. Hunting is another way to feel and taste the beauty of simple things, of a life lived fully where we don't need many material things to be happy, thousands of miles far away from that robot prototype that the modern society in which I don't find myself anymore, where people like to mould and homologate every body.
Since I was teenager I have been luck enough to travel a lot, then I combined Spear fishing and traveling passion in an unique and incredible adventure. I visited many countries and I Spearfish in many different seas mostly around the south east Asian geographical area. I enjoyed remote areas where sometime I was one of the first human being doing Spear fishing, experienced uncontaminated water very rich on every life forms, a fortune that I wish everybody can experience. Really worthy and rewarding experiences!
Blue water hunting is my preferred Spear fishing technique that I practice as most. Measure myself with ocean giants, the biggest fish ever that are living blue abyss, to myself is an irresistible spur, it will take so many words to explain my sensations and probably I wont find the right ones to express what I'm felling. Indeed I'm ending up my presentation like that: imagine a howling, the sound made by floats drag away at incredible speed to the blue depth by a huge pelagic or a reel clutch that sings loud, divine music to my hears, a sublime concert that I hope wont ever end!

I would like to ask you 5 more minutes of your precious time, read please "Extreme Purposes" page then you are going to understand where the idea to make Extreme web site came from, what Extreme would like to be, what the main site objective is and which goals it would like to achieve,

Thank a lot!


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